Please review the Code of Ethics below and the Vision & Guidance Statement attachment and i
f you are interested in joining the band, please call 412-323-2707 or send an email to

Code of Ethics

  • The Highland Bagpipe is an instrument that represents a proud and noble tradition and should always be treated with respect and care in its handling, presentation, and performance.

  • Good tone and execution of traditional bagpipe and drum music is the goal of the band.  Attaining this with a minimum of stress and while maintaining the band as a 'fun-activity' is axiomatic.

  • Band members pledge to practice the band's music at home and prepare for band practices with the goal of improving.

  • Band members pledge to do their best to be available and on time for band performances and practices.

  • Band members are requested to dress neatly and act in a respectful manner at all times.

  • Balmoral Band members do not 'raid' or entice pipers or drummers from other bagpipe bands to leave their band.

  • Pipers or drummers who wish to become a member of the Balmoral Pipes & Drums Band must be approved by the Instructors before attending band practice.

  • Band members will assist other band members whenever appropriate.

  • Money earned by the band for performances shall be used to develop the band and pay expenses for equipment, travel costs, etc.

  • No alcohol is permitted at Balmoral Pipes & Drums Band functions. 

Vision & Guidance Statement

The Vision & Guidance Statement is provided as an attachment at the bottom of this page.
Larry Van Dyke,
Feb 13, 2018, 2:13 PM